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We provide solutions & outsource IT services to your business. The benefit we bring to you and your business is to have all of your IT services managed from one place.

ERP Software Development
Designed as an accounting system, school management, Learn Hub & SMS has full-stack ERP with business functionalities.
Web Development
Web applications that match your business needs. An impressive online presence is a necessity for any business.
Enterprise Applications
We provide architecture for large scale application by providing new application for you or by updating your existing app.
Web Design
Are you in need for more than just web design, we have a solution for you which gives a big impact with a wide range of professional services.
Product Engineering
We can help you with complete full stack solutions and ideas to enhance your business through IT solutions and we will make sure your end product works well.
Mobile Apps
Android, windows mobile applications as well accessible from web based applications along with API's.
Ingredient-Level Inventory
Inventory management is one of the biggest challenges in the hospitality business. Get rid of this hassle with built-in real time monitoring of your inventory, with automatic alerts, stock counts and purchase order generation.
Centralized Inventory Management
As a multiple location/franchise owner, keeping track of the individual inventories of all your outlets must seem a daunting prospect, to say the least. Friday offers centralized inventory management, which means now you can stay abreast of the stock situation at all your locations.
Recipe Management & Food Costing
A powerful and elegant functionality that helps makes inventory tracking beautifully simple and gives you complete control over your menu costs. An essential feature for every business owner, especially if they are a chef too!
Purchase Management
Streamline and optimize your purchase process by keeping track of all your suppliers, automatically reordering whenever need arises.
Internet Call Center
Get your own dedicated, centralized call center up and running within minutes for a more streamlined and swift process. All the more useful for vast franchises and countrywide chains. Keep track of all your orders and dispatch them promptly to the relevant location in real-time, saving precious hours and dollars!
Order Tracking
No more late deliveries with second-to-second driver tracking. Know the status and location of every driver at all times. See where all drivers are at any given time and their respective orders.
Map Overview
Get a bird’s-eye view of all your deliveries, including order status and distances. It also helps your optimize delivery routes so your drivers choose the best one for faster delivery.
SMS Notifications
Automatically send out text notifications to your customers when their order is received, dispatched and finally when the driver is at their doorstep, making the experience more service-oriented so they always order from you.
Employee Management
Leave it to Friday to monitor your employee activity with built-in features to save precious dollars and hours, including payroll management, performance evaluation, employee scheduling and more.
Customer Relationship Management
Particularly important for single-location businesses to grow and prosper. Now tailor your offerings for individual customers with advanced CRM technology, with precise and innovative feedback and relationship building.
Restaurant Audit Mobile App
With just a few fingertaps you can conduct a detailed survey and audit of any of your outlets or franchises while walking around the place and send it directly to your central office. The gatherings will be summarized neatly in precise yet comprehensive reports for quick and effective decision-making.
Owner/Manager Reporting Mobile App
Friday’s comprehensive reporting capabilities are like no other. Get a detailed report for every aspect of your business on your mobile. Friday’s real-time data mining helps you make important business decisions with confidence so you can grow further.

XD Developers are a group of IT and always striving to push the limits of Web application, softwares and android application which help our clients to enhance their business. Has a craving to help the clients, as we helped other valued clients while working with them as in a team and deliver the results with innovative approach. XD believes in creativity and think beyond imagination of our clients. We always build and glance our work to maintain the trust of our clients. We provide bespoke IT SOLUTIONS to match the requirement of every business with a futuristic approach.

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Our team specializes in supporting the IT requirements of modern businesses which allows our clients to concentrate on what they do best, running their business. Working in partnership with our customers, we ensure they are maximizing efficiencies with their current available resources and can move forward with new technologies and innovations as their business growth demands.

Our Passion

Our best approach we divide the application into different platforms, we manage one application from API's so a user accessing desktop application (one machine software) can also access the same data from a web browser based web applications from anywhere through the internet world.

The Modern Integration
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